Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Well SuperMoms, it's that time of the week when we introduce you to someone who is truly making a difference in their comunity and empowering woman.

With the new year started, resolutions written and Swim Suit weather on the uprise I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce to you Tara Marshall or Orem andy share with you her April ABilates home workout video.

Tara Marshall is the owner of Pure Pilates located on 394 South State St. Orem. By appointment only.

You can visit her web sight at or her Facebook at Pure Pilates.

I happened upon Pure Pilates after I dropped my son off to school just off of 400 s. Just that morning I had seen a Facebook add for this location in Orem and decided to check it out. 


I was immediately impressed with the clean and simple atmosphere and the cost for classes (for personal attention) phenomenal! 
I bought 13 sessions and have found myself actually looking forward to attending each and every one of my Pilates Classes. 

SMT: First off, Thank You for taking time to share with our SuperMoms what Pilates means to you and why it has become a passion in your life.
Tara, where did you grow up?

TM: I grew up in Kingwood, Texas. I only have an accent after visiting back home, because my parents definitely do.

SMT: When you were growing up, did you take dance lessons of any kind?
TM: I took Tap and Jazz when I was 4. That was the extent of my dancing career. I was such a shy child, not a performer. Though people often ask me if I am a dancer from the posture Pilates has created in my body.

SMT: How long was it until the concept of Pilates was introduced into your life?
TM: I was introduced to Pilates at the age of 19. I was first introduced to the method after being in a car accident that left me neurologically unsound.  My right thumb twitched uncontrollably, If I was startled by anything my body would reacted on it’s own by collapsing on the ground and I would not be able to move.

I was enrolled in BYU's dietetics program at the time, and decided to move back home to get myself together. That same week, I met a woman who was a Pilates Instructor, whom changed my life. She just so happened to have her Master's in neurology.

I worked with her for a couple of months doing private sessions. During this time, my thumb twitch ceased, I stopped collapsing randomly, and I felt like a completely different person. No other exercise had created the grounding or connection in my body as this did. I was hooked, and I wanted to know how it worked. So I enrolled in Colleen Glenn's Comprehensive Pilates System certification. It's been my foundation for movement in any exercise practice.

SMT: What was your biggest challenge when you first started Pilates?
TM: My biggest challenge was just being comfortable in my own skin. Trusting my body to move at someone else's precise instruction. And moving with someone watching me.
I was so very shy and never really liked being noticed. So for me to have so much attention, while I'm flailing my legs open in the air was kind of mortifying. I really had to dig deep to get over this, and it helped me grow as a person.

SMT: Do you choose to teach Pilates over other exercise?
TM: I do! It is a movement that I am so passionate about because it has changed my body for the better. In healing and strengthening my body. It has transformed me and given me REAL strength and flexibility. It works all the tiny muscles around your superficial one, creating more stability and power in movement.

Pilates is an exercise that carries over to other forms of exercise so well. Empowering you in any movement, because you learn how to move efficiently. For example, running, you learn how to lengthen instead of compress in your movement and stabilize in your core. Your legs and arms move as a pendulum from your center proving efficient movement.

SMT: Has your life been changed since using Pilates? Have you seen others lives changed and how?
TM: My life has been changed by a number instances since practicing Pilates. I mentioned recovery from the car accident earlier. Another way besides physically impacting my life for the better, is I guess you would say, emotionally.
It has taught me how to love my body, at whatever stage in life I am at. I know how to work with what I have, and move from love, instead of self-loathing.
There was a time in my life, that I did have an unhealthy relationship with myself and no matter how far I pushed myself, I was still never happy. It has changed driven confidence in myself, because Pilates taught me my potential in movement. 

There are so many exercises in the Pilates Method that are empowering. For my body, there is nothing more rewarding than defying gravity. I used to be skinny, and looked great, but weak!

And please visit the "Pre-Post natal" section of my website to read another time Pilates was life changing for me.

Pilates has been such a rewarding profession because of the individuals I have been able to work with. I have had so many people inspire me along this journey with their hard work and dedication. Pilates provides a system for you and your body to work together in a moment of movement.

EVERYONE has their own demons to conquer, when it comes to movement. Weather it's flexibility, range of motion, or mobility, or gaining strength, it's an individual process that is your own. I have seen people learn to love their bodies through the work, reach their goals and surpass them, and learn to move despite physical set backs. Change happens when you realize your potential of movement, but work in the now.

Pilates changes lives by connecting you to yourself, in that most vulnerable state. I have seen it empower so many men and woman to have the confidence to progress in more than the physical, and to appreciate their own timeline of progress. Goals aren't achieved overnight. Movement is an everlasting relationship that must be nurtured.

SMT: You are a mother, have you seen your life benefitted for motherhood and life in general?
TM: Being a mother, Pilates has overflowed into this aspect of life. It literally saved me physically after my first delivery and during my second pregnancy. So physically, absolutely. Mentally, it has really taught me patience and understanding that I feel translates over to my children's development. Daily practice gives you the time focus on your body's needs so you are prepared to give all day long. 

And don't forget about the nights. Because that's what you do as a mom? Pilates doesn't leave you crawling out the door or unable to sit down for days like other rigorous training programs. It helps you levitate through your day with a bounce in your step. Ready for anything your babes throw at you. (literally). The mental focus that required in Pilates helps me stay sharp as a mom, and mentally happier.

"When mom is happy, everyone is happy!"

SMT: What are your future goals for Pure Pilates?TM: My goal for Pure Pilates is to create a space for Pilates lovers to come and have their cups filled. We would love to expand to provide instruction on more Pilates apparatus such as the Cadillac, Core Align, etc. Currently Pure Pilates is offering a Pilates Apprenticeship so we can meet class requested times, and offer diversity.

SMT: What advise would you share with someone looking into Pilates for the first time?
TM: Anyone who is new to Pilates, I recommend finding a comprehensively trained instructor to start under. Check into their certification and make sure it was more than a weekend workshop.
The one comment I hate hearing most, is "I tried Pilates, and I injured myself." Pilates is a low rep system. If you are fatiguing your muscles, and doing more than 20 reps, you might not be doing true Pilates. 

In Pilates, we stimulate the muscle, and move on to work it in a different way. 

Pilates is for everyone. Not just flexible or skinny people. Exercises can and should be modified for your body. If you can't perform an exercise, let your instructor know, so they can customize it for you.

SMT: I personally have loved my Pilates class time with you. I’m always self-satisfied when I “Walk Away Tall” As you are famous for ending your classes with. I feel grateful I participated and always feel like a I accomplished more than I thought. Someties I wake up and think, do I really feel like going today….wich brings me to my next question Tara. Do you ever have days that you are not motivated, and how do you motivate yourself?

TM: Especially as a mother, I do have those days. Mainly it's trying to figure out where to place my workout. If I wait too long in the day, I can talk myself out of it because I'm too tired.
As a mom, if I want to workout without someone sitting on my head while doing the "Swan", I have to wake up at 5 am before the kids are up. 
So my advice….
1. Take time to think about when your peak energy level is and start there.

2. You are more likely to get your workout in if you plan it at a time you feel the best and most energetic.

3. Keeping to a schedule always helps. And adding friends to your workout so you have someone holding you accountable. Also, that is why we are here. If you can commit to driving to class, we take care of the rest.

4. Don't worry about the workout, just get here. You never regret it.

On another note, the amazing thing about our bodies, is we crave what we need. I am literally addicted to that "In and Up" lift Pilates creates. So usually when days start out that way, a few hours into it, I realize I am not going to function at my best and my body actually wants to do that specific movement to create that lift.

The great thing about Pilates, is the mat work! It is designed to be performed everyday, in your home. (So pay attention to the mat work in class so you remember it.)

You can literally drop and do 3 of the core exercises at your house.
Sometimes I have to push all the kid's toys out of the way, lay out the mat, and go. It literally takes 3 minutes or less.

1. 100 Beats;
2. Roll up;
3. Single leg circle.

I love these first 3 exercises placed at the beginning of the Classical series. It's a warm up for everything. Who doesn't have 3 minutes in there day?

So, even if you don't make it to class, or remember the entire 50 minute mat series, don't kick yourself. Do the reasonable and the possible.

As moms, I feel we get so caught up in what we don't get done in the day. Make this something easy that you can get done, and grow on that. Our days usually don't go as we planned, so be flexible. And remember,
“Something is Always Better than Nothing.”

SMT: Wow Tara, thank you for sharing with you’re your story of finding your passion through life’s trials. And for using your passion for the betterment of other’s lives. This truly is what our SuperMomTested Mission is all about.
For your chance to see her first two at home Pilates class for the month of April, check out her April ABilates series on YouTube by clicking the link above. Join her on Facebook and fallow her on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


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