Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Greetings SMT community!  I'm glad to be back and can't wait to share with you a little secret that I don't often tell. But to get things started, you need to know a little bit about me. A couple of months ago, we adopted this.
Which is a welcome addition to our blind (zombie eyed) elderly Luna.
Throw in two cats and two kids, a husband, and a slightly exhausted working mom, you have a pretty good idea of what my home could look like on any given day. However, I have a little tiny trick that keeps my house smelling clean, and not at all like a hound dog puppy who is having a hart time potty training (eww!) Almost every visitor that comes through my front door makes a comment as to how nice it smells. "Is it a candle? A plug-in? Have you been scrubbing your house from top to bottom?" To which I say, "Really? Gee, I guess I didn't realize it." (Lie.)

So, you want to know my secret?  ::insert trumpet fan fair::
Dryer Sheets. Good old fashioned dryer sheets. They are cheap, disposable, and most importantly, they smell amazing.

All I do is lift the vent grill off the floor, place a new dryer sheet over the hole in the floor, and replace the vent grill.  Every time air passes through your vent, it will perfume your house with the delicious smell of fresh laundry. 
And I must warn you a bit. Those first couple of days of putting a fresh dryer sheet under your vent grill will make your house smell pretty strongly of fluffy towels and crisp clean bedding.   Probably more perfumed than you want. Butthe smell dissipates to a tolerable level quite quickly. If it is still way too strong for your taste, you can put the dryer sheet in the dryer for 5 minutes or so and it won't smell so strong. Another word of caution is that I try to only put the dryer sheets in larger rooms where company will hang out.  Living room, family room, the vent down the hall...Putting them in your bedroom will probably be way too much scent.  Stick to those wide open spaces. And as to how long they last? I swap them out every couple of months. How is that for keeping a little extra bit of dough in your wallet?

So now you know my secret. Let's just keep it between us girls.  :)

Until next time, Super Moms!



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