Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello SuperMoms!

Life can be hectic as a SuperMom. There are so many things we each have to do each day just to keep our houses and lives in order. 

Make breakfast, wash, fold and put away clothes, dirty dishes, vacuum and the list of things to do in the home can go on and on. Not to mention things that we sign up for outside of the home or the service we render to those in need. 

I am amazed by all that women do during the day and through the night. I often remark to my husband that the only way the house could be completely clean would be to commit to literally never sitting down, relaxing or eating. If I do take a minute to close my eyes or inhale a granola bar, I can guarantee someone is dumping out an entire box of Cheerios in the next room. That’s just my life!

So during the day, while I am pushing the broom around, my little ones often come to find me. At my feet they pull on my leg and beg me to play with them. “Hold on,” I tell them, “I am almost done.” “Come blow bubbles with me,” they cry. “Okay just a minute.” “Push me on the swing. Give me a bath. Help me find my marbles.” They are looking into my eyes and pleading. They are oblivious to the mess around me or the broom in my hand. 

As I look into their eyes a thought comes to mind. 

What will they remember from today?

When I was little my mom worked. I don’t remember a whole lot from the years before I went to school, but what I do remember of my mom was her cooking yummy food and making rice pudding that I would devour all by myself. I also have fond memories of her staying up on the weekends to watch movies with me and my siblings. Often we would all fall asleep on the hide-a-bed. I treasure the memories I have with my mom. While I am sure she cleaned I don’t particularly have any specific memories of her doing so. But I love to recall the times she spent with us.

When I think of the sadness and rejection my kids might feel as I shoo them off to play while I clean, it makes me sad. But when I think of the smile and joy they will have on their face as I skip off to play with them I am filled with more than happiness.

So I set down my broom, mop or sponge to play with them for as long as it seems they need me to. Most of the time it isn’t even for as long as I think it will be. And yet I can see the way their little face lights up. And the best part is that I couldn’t be happier for that moment either. 

Maybe they won’t remember that specific moment 10 years from now or even by the time they go to bed, but at least for that moment they will know how important they are to me and how much I love them.

The house is never clean anyway, there is always something more to do. I could be better at having them help me clean and sometimes when dinner has to get done, I make a point to include them rather than send them away. It isn’t always possible to drop what you are doing, but the next best thing is to find a way to still spend time with them.  

That simple question, “What will they remember from today?” has blessed my life in so many little ways. If nothing else, at the end of my long busy day I will remember what I did. I mean, who wants to drift off to sleep recounting all the cleaning they did that day that they will probably have to do again the next day? Yep, I’d rather count the bubbles we popped together. 

What are your fondest memories of your mother? What will your children remember about you? It is a simple question that has greatly affected the choices I make each day. I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Article by Wendy Santiano Supermom of 5
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  1. You are so awesome! I'm glad I was able to meet you this last weekend and hear about this! :) YAY!

  2. This is sooo true. As we try to accomplish all that is placed in our care each day, we need to make sure that our children come first. I too hope that when my children look back they remember how much I love them, and how I always took the time for them even when it wasn't easy.

    As I think of my mother, I remember how she made sure to invite us into her life and activities. E learned how to do so many things together from learning Hebrew, to professional cake decorating, to reading, to stained glass windows... I am grateful for his example.

  3. I love those simple questions that create a broader perspective and rewarding actions!! You are such an inspiring mommy!!