Friday, November 13, 2015

7 Ways to Teach your Children Gratitude

1. Remember that children learn by example: So remember to always show appreciation for the things you have, try to focus your energy on the things that are good in your life, acknowledge that things are not always perfect or just, but that you have the power to bring happiness into your life, by focusing your energy in all that is good in it. 

2. Teach them the value of things: Make it a point to emphasize the importance of even the smallest of  things. From the air we breath, to the coat or shoes they wear. Teach them the value not only of things, but also of people no matter, how old or young they might be or even how different they might be from us. 

3. Provide Service to Others: Remember that you not have to be overseas in a third world country to make a difference when teaching your kids the value of service. I remember as a little girl walking down the street with my mother to provide a meal for a lady in our neighborhood that just had a baby, the feeling that came over me right after was by far greater then any memory worth keeping in my heart. Sometimes Serving others can happen within the walls of our own homes. 

4. Highs and Lows: Make it a goal to talk every night as a family, provide an opportunity for each member of your family to share a positive experience in their day and also a low moment in their day. This activity will teach your children acknowledgement of things that might not be so great, but also about appreciating the  things that brought them happiness.

5. Go Without: About a year ago our family found ourselves in a very hard financial situation, we were not able to pay for electricity. For a period of 24 hours my kids learned for the first time in their life, what it felt like to be without electricity, how many things we depended on, were dependent on electricity. When our power was finally turned on, my children understood how blessed they were to have a light bulb over our heads, sometimes in life like the saying says "You take things for granted till you no longer have them. Teach your children by going without, try taking all the electronics away for a weekend. Leaving them with 1 pair of shoes for a week, when they have over 10 pairs in their closet and they complain they have no shoes to wear. or making them wash their shirts by hand to learn to appreciate clean clothing. When they don't appreciate something they have its not a bad idea to go without, till they understand how blessed they truly are and most importantly understand to appreciate the thing they were taking for granted. 

6. Teach them by acting out the roles: I know of no better way to teach kids gratitude for the things they have, then to have them understand how things got where they got. For example going to the grocery store is simple enough, but what if you actually took your children to a farm for a family activity and actually had them work on the farm for a couple of hours, I can guarantee you that they would not look at that lettuce or apple the same way again. Back in the days families had chores that included baking bread for the family, milking the cow, feeding the chickens, sometimes even butchering and plucking the chickens, planting, sewing, bringing water in from the well and having to go potty in the outhouse. 

7. Put a Gratitude Tree Together: Here is a really fun activity that started a couple of years back in our home. Every year we go looking for the perfect branch, which we bring into the house and put in a vase filled with rocks. We cut out leaf shape figures out of colorful construction paper and set it in the middle of the table. By the time we have our Thanksgiving Dinner, the tree is pretty filled up with all the things we are grateful for. This is a really fun hands on activity, that the whole family can be part of. 

by: Dennissa Ramirez SuperMom of 5


  1. With the hustle and bustle of life we sometimes get distracted and take for granted so many things others don't have. These are wonderful tips on how to remind our children of the little things. Good job Dennissa!

  2. Thank You Georgette!!!! Its true we do take for granted so much on a daily basis!

  3. Looks great, love this sharing so much, thanks!