Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About 70 percent of the floors in my home are covered in tile. As fancy and inviting as it looks, it is oh so hard to keep up with! specially the brooming and mopping. You can say that in the last two months since moving into my new home its been the one chore I have most dreaded. Specially when mopping with store bought solutions won't do the job that they are meant to get done. I will mop and mop only to feel dissatisfied with the end results.
That is when I made the decision to use vinegar to clean my tile floors. I did a little research and this is why opting to use vinegar for cleaning my tile floors is probably the best, most inexpensive, most Eco-friendly solution to use.
Vinegar is created when fruits high in sugar ferment and then turn into alcohol, This alcohol has high percentages of Acetic Acid. The acetic acid is the one that pretty much gets the job done when cleaning my tile floors, the acid will brake up all of the build up and stains.

When Cleaning with vinegar
*Add 1/2 cup of vinegar, to a gallon of warm to hot water
*use a mop and to get to hard to get stains use a microfiber cloth
  and use your hands to get the job  done.

Here is an extra tip for the stains that are hard to get out, Make a paste of vinegar and baking soda leave it on the stain for 1 hour prior to cleaning. And then mop with the water to vinegar solution.


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