Stephanie Goodman is a Mother of 3 and 2 bonus Sons, Stephanie loves Trying and testing Products. She also enjoys Empowering women Through the concept of being a SuperMoms. When Stephanie is not working in our SuperMomTested Headquaters, she enjoys Acting, Mural Painting, Illustrating children's books and connecting with others..   Stephanie enjoys Traveling and seeing the world with her favorite man in the world, best friend and husband.

Dennissa Valdivieso Ramirez, is the Mother of 5 very energetic kids, who are her life and her daily reminder that happiness is just a smile away. She has a special passion for Motivation and Empowering Women. She also enjoys Business Consulting, Blogging, Cooking, Dancing, Event Planning, Yoga, Essential Oils, Desserts, Keeping Traditions and culture alive, and sharing with other the Power of Social Media. Her main goal in life is to raise her 5 children to be Responsible, Caring and Successful, Men and Women of God. 

Ani Allen is a Mother of 2 kids, who keep her very busy from Baseball Practices, Tae Kwon Doe meets and Dancing. She enjoys Graphic Designing, Camping with her family, Good Peruvian Food, Crafting and Women's health. She is married to the love of her life, and enjoys every minute of it to the fullest. To learn more about Ani, you can visit her at A little Dream

Anna Joelley is the mother of two darling little girls, ages 2 and 4. She is really excited to be part of the SuperMomTested Team and Loves to learn from other amazing and inspiring women!. Anna finds herself juggling Motherhood and a full time job. She most loves to care of her daughters, her husband and always remembers to take care of herself.

Wendy Santiano is a mother of five. She is flawed and beautiful. She loves to help others see themselves for who they really are through her writing and photography. Wendy currently lives in Kaysville, UT. 

To Learn more about Wendy you can also visit her at

Brenda is a stay at home mommy to three little rascals and am a graphic designer. Her husband is a Grad student he is her biggest supporter. She blogs over at From Me With Love, about style, design and life. She also has an Etsy shop where she sells prints, party printables and stationery. She loves creating anything from meals to messes with her kids, that is one of her biggest passions and hopes to share a little bit of inspiration so others can also create memories with their loved ones.