Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We recently had the amazing opportunity to meet the Utah mother of Quintuplets, Guillermina. 
We were elated to share time in her home with her beautiful babies.   As we prepare to hold a Diaper Drive in her honor, we wanted to have to chance to get to know this wonderful SuperMom.  She was very welcoming and humble as we entered her home.  Nothing can accurately describe what was going through our minds as we walked in to see first hand five beautiful healthy 4 month old babies.
What would it be like to find out you were having 5 babies at one time? What would life be like? How many diapers would you have to change each day? How much does that cost? 
I am sure that most wouldn't want to know for themselves. And yet, we all know what a blessing it is to welcome a baby into this world. So having 5 healthy babies at one time would be pretty much a miracle!
We had many questions and gracefully Guillermina was willing to share her thoughts.
SuperMomTested: Did you ever imagine in your life, that you would be expecting 5 babies, What was your reaction when you guys found out? 
Guillermina: Not in a million years. It was the biggest surprise to us. At first we just looked at each other and we couldn't believe it, In fact many of our family members could not believe it. We were in shock for a while.

She found out in the first month that she was expecting multiples, at first the doctors suspected just a pair of twins.   But soon confirmed five healthy growing babies.

SuperMomTested: What was your reaction when you actually saw your 5 little babies?
Guillermina: It was one of the most beautiful and special experiences of my life.

SuperMomTested: How has your life changed since you had your 5 darling babies?
Guillermina: I don't get out much. I change 40 diapers per day and feed 8 bottles per baby. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

SuperMomTested: What is your wish for your babies in this life?
Guillermina: As a mother one wants the best for her children. I want my children to grow up with lots of health, good opportunities and to be good people.

Their older sister still thinks they are dolls and always wants to play with them, although, she is still a little jealous.

SuperMomTested: How would you describe your mother? 
Guillermina: My mother is the best mother in the world, She was always so good to me as my mother and I owe everything I am to her. She is also my best friend.

SuperMomTested: What are the 3 qualities you most remember your mother emphasizing in your home?
Guillermina: Education, Respect and Tolerance

From the moment we met Guillermina we could feel the love and patience she has for her children. She has a loving husband, but mostly tends to the babies without any outside help. She says that it isn't too bad. Most of the time she is feeding one while the others are sleeping or playing. Rotating care for each baby throughout the day. 


SuperMomTested: If you had any one advice to give to mothers who get stressed and frustrated with even just 1  baby, what would be your advice?
Guillermina: To give themselves a time out. Leave your house for 20 minutes, sit out on the porch or go for a walk. When you take care of yourself, then you bring the best of yourself to your children.

SuperMomTested knows that, as mother's, we are tested daily. We wear many hats. A cook, a nurse, councilor, house cleaner, sometimes bread winner, and bus driver. We understand how life gets busy and complicated. We desire to Educate, Empower and Embrace Mother's everywhere. Whether you are a SuperMom in training or a Graduated SuperMom we recognize your amazing abilities as an influencing power on your families. We will be spotlighting more Mothers and sharing their incredible stories of over coming obstacles while strengthening their lives and lives of their families. As a community of Mothers we desire to recognize and embrace one another as SuperMoms by coming together and helping one another in need. 

A community of moms helping one another, this is what truly makes us strong.

Photo credit: Wendy Santiano
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Special thanks to the SuperMoms who made this happen: Ani Allen (mom of 2), Dennissa Ramirez (mom of 5), Wendy Santiano (mom of  5), and Stephanie Goodman (mom of 5).


  1. Oh I am loving the pictures of these beautiful babies and I love your interview. I can't even comprehend having 5 babies at once and the work involved. I think the diaper drive is a very good idea!

  2. Any update on the kiddos now?