Tuesday, April 15, 2014

At the beginning of this month my husband and I purchased a house! (Happy Dance) We had been looking at houses for few months and decided we wanted a semi-fixer upper. Knowing that we wouldn't be unpacking most of our boxes for 3-4 months, do to renovations, made me realize just how organized the packing needed to be.

Needless to say 2 days after moving in I realized how well I did in some areas and where I dropped the ball in others. To make sure you succeed in more areas than I did, next time you move, make sure to make two lists!  Glad I Did

My To Do:
-Packed myself and my husband, a suitcase with everything we would need for a 1 week vacation

-In that suitcase I made sure to include a bath towel, wash cloths and a hand towel

-I Packed my shoes that didn't have a box to go in, in a smaller suitcase

-Clothes that didn't fit into the suitcase, but get worn regularly where put in a duffel bag

-Made sure all duffel bags, suit cases and bed pillows went into the car not the moving truck

Remember for Next Time:
-Put a set of sheets and a comforter in a suitcase

-Make sure to label the boxes with NOW or LATER. For example “Kitchen NOW”

-Pack q-tips in the “vacation” suit case

-Make sure every box is labeled with details of what is inside

Happy packing! ;)

SuperMom in Training,
Noelle Newitt


  1. I can only imagine how confusing and frustrating the unpacking experience would be when you don’t know which items are in a particular box, especially if you have to carry them around the house to their proper areas. Anyway, I hope your moving-back-in in a few months will be a better experience. Good luck!

    Pedro Padro @ Orbit Logistics


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