Thursday, April 17, 2014

SuperMoms, I am excited to introduce to you a family favorite film titled Inspired Guns. If you have not seen the movie or would enjoy sharing it in your home, this is the chance for you to win. 

I had the honor of interviewing with Greta White as our SuperMomSpotlight and her expereice of being a directors wife. She is the faithful, loving and supportive wife of Director Adam White. Her story is inspiring. 

Since that time the opportunity has been given to our SuperMomTested Team to giveaway two copies of the Inspired Guns DVD's . So what is this movie all about? 

This story has two mafia brothers (Christian Busath and Jake Suazo) who are confusing two missionaries for members of “the family.” sent by "the Boss" to deliver "a message". Soon all of the rest of the mob are involved, along with the FBI, as similarities between Mormon and mafia languages leads to all sorts of confusion. Meanwhile, the Elders are having issues of their own, as senior companion Elder Fisher (David Lassiter) struggles to deal with his Park City rap-loving greenie companion (Dashiel Wolf).

The film is written and directed by Adam White, One can only imagine the hilarious good times on set the actors and crew had while making this movie. Although it is a whole lot of comedy, it also has a spiritual side to it that is unexpected and enjoyable.

Inspired Guns is Rated PG 

No launguage or inapropriate scenes, guns and knives are used. There is a scene where a character gets interrogated in a warehouse and another character gets shot in the shoulder during a fight scene. But nothing extremely violent. 

Our family have enjoyed watching and laughing as we see how different others interpret things so differently and how just being true to who we are can change the lives of those around us. Enjoy it a again and again in your home by entering our Rafflecopter Giveaway.

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