Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We love the opportunity of sharing in other's life accomplishments.  That's why we do these Spotlights.  Today's SuperMom is a fantastic and dedicated mother of 5.  Her husband just released his movie titled "Inspired Guns."  A Christian film with comedy and spirit about two missionaries who get mistaken for the Mafia.

Greta White I am so excited to be able to share a little bit about you with our SuperMom community!
I love your enthusiasm and excitement of sharing this grand adventure with your husband Adam White's movie!  Your a busy mom at home, and yet you still find time to support your husbands dreams. 

I want to take a dive into your life as a director's wife.  

SMT: What has been your experience with it? 
GW: This has been a WONDERFUL  and FUN experience! To witness the process of making a theatrical release movie... Surreal. 

SMT: Did you know that your husband wanted to do this before you married him? 
GW: Nope. He was an athletic basketball player when I married him, the only plan he had then was to play basketball on a scholarship to pay for his education... To get a degree.

SMT: What do you feel your role is in supporting his dreams? 
GW: My role is to hold down the fort here. And #1 cheerleader of course! He is a great person doing great, big things... I'm so privileged to be his best friend, the one he comes to when he's super excited and the one he comes to when he's had a rough day.

SMT: What is the hardest thing about being a director's wife? 
GW: Hmmm, I'd say stepping into the role of the sole parent during the filming. He put in a lot of long days, which was just fine. I would visit him on set with our youngest sometimes, just spend more time with him. But for a short while, I was the only parent.... And those days can get long at home with 5 kids.

SMT: What did you do when he said he wanted to make this movie? 
GW: I was so excited with him! We shouted for joy, and felt really thrilled that we going through with it. It didn't matter that he didn't have the years of film school or training, he  knew he could do it, so once he made the decision, it was full speed ahead!

SMT: How has this movie changed your life?
GW: Well, the highs are high and the lows are low. Stress comes with the territory. When you dive into something you really believe in and you think will be a hit and people will love, it's risky... So the adventure has been rocky at times, but so worth it!  Watching his movie go from words on a page to the big screen was thrilling!! I'm so proud of him! And to hear how so many people really loved it too, its just great to hear!

SMT: I love that, "words on a page to the big screen" in other words an idea becoming a reality! 
let me ask you this....What advice would you give to someone else who's spouse is considering following their dreams in the film industry? 
GW: Stick together! Be a team, because all the stress and the people and the deadlines and the outside needs and the family needs will multiply and seriously rock the boat. Be there for your film-maker and you will be both share the experience of your life together! No matter what! And don't forget to pray :)

Greta I can tell that your are a dedicated mother and support mentally physically and emotionally for your husband.  You have accomplished his dream together through the ups and downs and that's what makes you a power couple.  Thank you for your powerful example of truly embracing life with a passion together.

For our SuperMoms, do you or your spouse have a true hearts desire to live your dreams?  What can you do now to better support those desires and aspirations?  Share your comments with us. 


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