Friday, November 8, 2013

Teaching a child responsibility with natural consequences?

For this weeks parenting 101,
 I'm inviting you to share with me tips and advice that you have for my current situation. 

So this week has been very difficult and trying for me. To get my son up and out the door for school WITHOUT nagging constantly for him to do the things he needs to do to be ready to head out the door by 8 o'clock am.

Here are my requirements:
1) Wake up, 
2) Get dressed (including socks and shoes)
3) Breakfast and take medicines, 
4) Brush teeth, 
5) Fix hair, 
(And bed made if there is time)
I'm sure my list is fairly similar to your list of responsibilities right?
I don't feel that I am asking for impossibilities here. 

 My son just turned 11 years old last month. He wants the responsibility of showing us he is in charge.  Instead, I find him sleeping soundly with the radio at full blast and blaring in his room.  After he rises I find him laying on the floor in his  P.J's in front of the floor heater or curled up in a ball under his blanket. 
3, 4 and even 5 times he is reminded what time it is, and when he needs to leave the house to be on time.  
He has expressed to me that I'm always nagging and telling him what to do.   So as of late,  I'm trying very hard to accomplish letting him experience the natural consequences of his choices.

And yet we all know what the NATURAL consequences of his not making it to school on time is.....tardiness.   (Plus I look like a bad parent)

So what is my part as the mother who knows that her child is not paying attention to time,  who knows  that he's goofing around not doing what he needs to.   
Giving loving encouragement 
and also allowing him to experience the natural consequences?

Also my son fights with ADHD and without medication is a very active ball of fire.  Constantly tapping, squeezing, squeaking and what ever repeated sentence he can come up with at the top of his vocals letting you  know he is there and awake!
He wants to prove that he is grown-up enough to take care of things on his own.  But, who is headstrong and  he has no sense of  time or gets distracted easily. 
So, I am asking you amazing parents out there who dealt with the child with ADHD,  what has worked for you!
 What's your tested advice for my situation?

Article By: Stephanie Goodman
SuperMom of 3 and 2 bonus sons


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