Thursday, November 7, 2013

This week we are Super excited to share with you our spotlight on Noelle Newitt.
I have asked Noelle to share with us a little about herself and what inspires her.

Here is our interview.

1. SMT: What made you the happiest growing up?
Noelle: Growing up my mom was very good at organizing family activities that would turn into traditions.  Over the years we developed many traditions, but a couple of my favorites where Friday night movie with pizza and Sunday gospel discussions around the dinner table that ended with a game of Mexican Train and dessert. 

2. SMT: Who was the most influential in your life and
Noelle:  Growing up it was my mom and dad but since I've been married it's my husband.  He is an incredible example of unconditional love, forgiveness and dedication. 

3. SMT: What advise would you share with someone considering a Beautician career?
Noelle: The skills and knowledge you learn in cosmetology school are basic, but perfect those skills because they will give you a great foundation to build on.

4.SMT: Who in your life would you say was the most influential as a SuperMom figure and what qualities did she hold that made her valuable in your eyes?
Noelle: My mother has many valuable traits, but the ones that impacted me the most where her self confidence, ability to see beauty in everything, willingness to serve, leading by example, dream big, and learn from your mistakes.  

5. SMT:As a woman, what brings you the most joy?
Noelle:  I have noticed I am the happiest when I'm using/developing my talents, serving others, learning and spending quality time with my husband.  

6. SMT: What advise would you give to someone who may be currently going through a difficult experience in his or her life?
Noelle: The best advice I can give someone going through a hard time is to be proactive not reactive.  It's a processes I am still learning, but have become a better person for following my own advice.

7. SMT: How can your trial empower someone else's life?
Noelle: My trial can empower someone else's life by showing them that they are not alone in a life of struggles.

8. SMT: What in your opinion is the definition of a SuperMom?
Noelle: Definition of a SuperMom to me is someone who is kind, loving, confident, proud of her accomplishments and stands up for what she believes in.

9. SMT: What attributes to you desire your own children to carry with them.
Noelle: I wish for my future children to be strong, confident, happy, respectful, kind, optimistic people that have a thirst for knowledge. 

10.SMT:  How are you making a difference in the life of those around you?
Noelle:  I honestly don't know if I am making a difference in the lives of those around me, but I do strive to be kind, show compassion and help whenever possible just in case I am.

Noelle Newitt is our SuperMom in Training. We enjoy having her on our SuperMomTeam.  You can read some of her articles her Here and Here.
 She and her husband are hoping to become parents and are  Currently running a fertility fundraiser.  Here is the link.  
  Noelle Newitt SuperMom in Training


  1. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my story and a little bit about myself. I have enjoyed being part of the SuperMom tested team and the friendships I've made.