Friday, November 8, 2013

Women will like Thor:The Dark World just to see Chris Hemsworth using his muscles again as well as his mighty hammer. But guys will like the action and the special effects (as well as the destruction). You can't have a Marvel Film without some destruction.

It was honestly predictable, but if you don't mind leaving your brain at the door and just enjoy entertainment, Thor: The Dark World is the right film at the right time. As the Holiday movie season begins, there has honestly not been much to enjoy after a dry fall. It's good to have a taste of The Avengers, which was highly successful.

As most of the hero movies do, this installment of Thor starts with a long backstory of the evil elf type bad guys, who look like a mix of evil vulcans and mean hobbits. I'll be honest, I was a little lost as to what their ultimate goal was except world domination comes to mind (In this case, universal domination). These elf like creatures are thought to be ancient and all but extinct years ago. But hey, they're back! After 5000 years.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Thor's girlfriend (Natalie Portman) lives in London now with her spunky intern (Kat Dennings). She's noticing something...something about some anomaly some isotope fluxing something. Some parallel universe is out of whack. It somehow has something to do with these evil elves coming back to Thor's world for revenge. Portman's character checks out the disturbance and gets some spirit inside of her in the process, which spirit the lead bad elf wants inside of him.

Even with the complicated, yet cliche storyline, it was still fun to see Loki (Tom Hiddleston) back from the dead again and up to his old tricks. He got the best lines in the film, almost replacing Robert Downey Jr for the comedy relief slot. He has been captured for the crimes he has committed and is in a holding cell. When the evil elves attack Thor's world, Thor has no choice but to let Loki go to help fight the common enemy, the evil elfins.

What else is predictable are the fears of trusting him while fighting. The parts that were different were ways they showed he couldn't be trusted, plus a few surprises. Some good parts were playing around with the anomaly disturbances on Earth. Those disturbances can take people from one planet to the next very quickly, and in the ending fight scenes, they are very effective.

Anthony Hopkins gives a good performance, as usual, as Thor's father. Natalie Portman was...well she was Natalie Portman, better here then in the Star Wars second trilogy. (Don't get me started.). It was overall fun and can be enjoyed by all, for the most part. The Thor sequel is in theaters and rated PG-13 for sci-fi violence, a little bit of language and gross looking elves with horns all over their uniforms.


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