Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ever heard of the Magicians Assistant?.Well let me share with you our very own behind the curtain Magician's Assistant. Ani Allen has been working with us since the beginning of SuperMomTested,
she is a motivated and self driven Public Relations Coordinator.  She is also a very skilled graphic designer and was the mastermind behind our Blog and countless graphic promotional flyer's for SuperMomTested. 
 Ani has a contagious laugh that will light a room in an instant. She is also an excellent writer for her blog titled A Little Dream, Its style is fun and fresh and her articles are filled with love and the joys of  being a mother. She blogs about herself and the things that make her life complete. But as she tells the way her blog was started was in a way for her to process dealing with Postpartum depression (PPD), It was an amazing feeling for her to tell her story and connect with others and learn from others. 
Ani is also very talented behind the camera and has a great eye for beauty, which is a great asset to her skills as a interior designer.  Ani Loves to Cooking, Camping with her family, Outdoors, Celebrating her Peruvian roots and event Planning.  Her biggest desire now that her kids are back in school, its to go back to school and attain her Bachelors in Public Relations. 
Ani believes in the power of moms and knows we all have a purpose here in the world.  She is wonderful example of believing in your children and providing ways for them to find their passion and give them space to breath, all the while supporting and cheering them on. You will usually find Ani on the stands cheering her kids on, driving them to the Skatepark, Baseball, Tae Kwon Do and Dance. She believes in being involved in your children's education as much as possible and therefore finds passion in Serving and Volunteering, previously as a PTA President. 
 Ani always has insights to what's the latest and greatest or what's happening and keeps us involved with everything.  We are so blessed to have Ani on our Team.  She is a go getter and a fantastic PR.
and another thing, It was her BIRTHDAY yesterday!! So, we have even more reason to celebrate her!  


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