Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Hello SuperMoms, We are so happy to see that our community is at 600 Followers, it is such a huge milestone for our team, I remember at the very beginning stages wishing that we had at least 10 people who knew who we were and knew about the message we were trying to share with the world. We are happy to know that through this blog we are able to Educate, Empower and Embrace Mom's and Women in general Everywhere.

You can now follow us through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and most recently Bloglovin. We have many amazing things already happening with SuperMomTested and many more still waiting to happen we hope that with your help our message will be share and our community will grow more and more.

This week's Wednesday Wonder is a re-share of our First Product Review Video. We had so much fun filming the "Bubble Gum Chew-Off" and finding out which Bubble Gum had the Longest Running Flavor.

Which one of these Gums, do you think has the longest running Flavor?
Watch our Video and Find out!!!


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