Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer is coming to an end, which means kids are going back to school. For most children returning to school after summer break or starting school for the first time, it can be in some ways very stressful... I know that from experience.

Personally, In our home this year we are facing some changes in our kids education. They will be attending a new school, this year. Even though there was much excitement  (in the beginning) coming from my oldest that's going to be going in 5th grade.  And not that much from my 1st grader... I knew sooner or later there was going to be doubts and worriness coming from both of them, which eventually did.

Change is always hard, no matter what age you are.  It's either from starting a new school year, a new school, new teachers, or meeting new friends.  It's very important that as parents we need to know how to help our children and what steps to take to help make a smooth transition.  But most importantly is Empowering our kids to embrace change.

Here are a few steps that you can take:

  • Start Waking up Early: It's a known fact that our children don't get enough sleep. They should be getting 9 to 12 hours of sleep, the average is only about 9 hours, Which is still really good. But the matter of fact is, that sleep deprivation does affect how a child thinks, functions, feels and how they perform in their academics. I recommend reading a great article by SuperMom, Dennissa Ramirez about "10 Ways To get Your Kids Back To a Bedtime School Routine".
  • Listen and talk to them about their Concerns: It's very important that our children know that we are there for them and that we listen to their feelings. Let them feel confidence that there is always an open door policy whenever they are in need. To talk about school, friends, fears, etc.... at the end of your conversation you should be their #1 supporter and they should feel confident about that.
  • Have a positive relationship with your kids: This is a very important one and it will be pretty long. I know before I had kids,  I use to say things like "When I have kids I won't ever do this or do that"... well not everything I swore at one point in my life, have I kept my promise. It's hard being a parent, but we have to remember that our job is not to be dictators but be their mentors.   And the most influential person you can be for them. Which means treating them like we would like others to treat them. I always tell my son, that the way he treats his little sister is the way that she is going to let other people treat her.... and that goes for me and my husband too. The way we treat our children, the way we talk to them, the tone of voice we use, the choice of words.... will be the way that our kids will act towards others or let others treat them likewise. So remember that punishing, threatening, manipulating, putting them down and name calling will never get you anywhere with your kids if anything, it will push them away. There is one word that we DO NOT USE IN OUR HOME towards our kids... "BAD". Try to use positive words when talking to them.
  • Discuss the Positive Change:  To empower your kids to face change, sometimes it's necessary to celebrate it. Talk to them about all the great new things that a new school year will bring like seeing old friends, or meeting new friends, field trips, school activities and much more. Hosting a “back to school party” is always a great chance for them to get excited and celebrate a new school year
  • Be part of their Education: I was part of my kids PTA for 5 years.  It was really hard to see the mentality that a lot of the parents had when it came to not been part of their kids education. I promise it makes a huge difference if you are involved even if it means volunteering in your child's class once a month or attending family activities. Get involved with their school affairs when you can and take an interest in their school projects.  It will make them feel more confident and it will show that you are there for them when it comes to their education.
But most importantly remind your kids who they truly are and to love themselves for all the great talents and abilities they have been gifted with. At the end of the day they need to believe in themselves and how amazing they are.  With a little help from you they will be prepared to face all those new changes and adventures headed their way.

Written by: Ani Allen SuperMom of 2
PR and Social Media Community Manager at Super Mom Tested
Blogger at A Little Dream


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