Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Here are a few tips that will keep your lunch boxes cool

1. Freeze the juice, the milk or the water.  By the time lunch time rolls around, the liquid will be thawed enough to be able to drink.  Freezing drinks will also help keep your other lunch items cold.

2. When packing lunch items, make sure that the products are always cold by packing them in your fridge or a colder environment. Try to not pack anything at room temperature.

3. You will want to insulate the coldness in the lunch boxes a little better. For example, instead of using 1 brown bag, use 2.  Or two sandwich bags, etc.  

4. If you have a lunch box that has no insulation, use Ice packs! They are usually very inexpensive and you can reuse them. If you want to save a little money, make your own ice packs by folding a wet wash cloth inside a ziplock bag and freezing it. 

5. Pre-make sandwiches and things you want to keep cool and stick them in the fridge before packing them.


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