Monday, August 26, 2013

We are so happy to introduce to you Angel, her talented skill in writing is like a song to the soul. We are pleased to share with you her gift of daily affirmation to Motivate your Monday

Good Morning, Good Day!
I greet you with gratefulness.
I am excited to live in today to see mysteries unfold.
I am grateful for all my provision and needs being met.
I am grateful because the strength and courage I need to face all of my challenges has been provided.
I will survive.
My answers will appear.
I am grateful that my spirit is aligned with my highest good and the highest good for all those among me.
I go into this day with joy and victory.
I am confident all my needs are met—spiritual, emotional, financial, physical and social.
My character grows from conflict and circumstance.
I emerge daily more into my authentic being.
I see others in this same light.
As the sun rises and shines
I rise to my abilities and shine.
All is well.
I trust my intuition; and my intuition supports me.
I am safe.
I learn from my mistakes as much as I learn from what I do correctly.
They both show the way.
I choose truth.
I excel in the understanding of my personal power.
I use my personal power to improve the quality of life for myself and other living beings.
In my choosing, is my power.
In my believing, is my power.
In truth, there is power.
I live in the truth of my being—
Intelligent, capable, resourceful, creative, loving
Caring for self and others
Magnetizing good
Love and goodness emanate from me.
I look for and receive the light in others and all living plants, animals, insects, creatures or stars
I am one with the elements of life.
I live from within-to-out.
My actions are aligned with my beliefs.
I believe in my good.
I release past hurt and pain.
I send forgiveness to those who offended me.
I ask for forgiveness for offenses to myself, others, God or Mother Earth.
My soul is centered in the light of Christ.
I surrender to God’s good will.
I allow it to enter and transform my life.
As I have declared it,
So it is.
As I believe,
And I believe mightily,
So is it done unto me.
I give thanks.
I welcome my good day.

Angel is the author and blogger for LuvEnlightens. Sharing loving messages to enlighten the soul is her heart’s desire. Good Morning, Good Day! is a “download from heaven” received to Angela as an answered prayer to combat monkey-mind thinking.  Practice for a minimum of 21-days consistently for a Mindful Transformation. An audio download is available as a free gift when you subscribe to the Luv Community at Beginning September 2nd she will be posting weekly “Mindfulness Mondays” to empower social-emotional wellness as an essential part of health. Other enlightening articles available on site. Soul Fitting, Life Affirming t-shirts available for men, women and youth available September 3rd!


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