Monday, April 28, 2014

Because of our choice in schools for my 11 year old daughter, I often end up driving her each morning throughout the week. I will openly admit I am not always at my most coherent this early in the a.m., but I long to use our one on one time well, sending her off with something impactful or inspiring to lift her at the beginning of her full day. 
Not too long ago, I accompanied a dear friend as she drove her two boys along with two others to their private school one morning. 
After picking up the last passenger, she looked in her rear view mirror, donned a huge grin and yelled, "Gratitudes!!" Immediately and in unison, the boys hollered, "Oh, me first!" One by one; she would call out their names. And one by one, these little guys would begin to create a unique list of things they were thankful for that day. 
The oldest boy's list was long; and thought out , including things I would have never thought about but could absolutely agree I was grateful for. Another's list was short and sweet and just enough for him. I honestly couldn't believe some of the things these little 8-11 year old were coming up with. As we arrived at our destination, each exited the van with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. As for me? I thoroughly enjoyed that drive and the feeling inside the car. 

My heart was deeply touched that morning. I had found a beautiful new tradition to share with my daughter. Now, each morning, rather than sit together in our zombie like states for the 15 minutes it takes to drive, she and I wake ourselves up with the power of gratitude. I share, then she shares. Sometimes, visa versa. Often, our gratitudes offer insight to each other as to what is going on in our lives and what is important in that moment. Many a good conversation has resulted from a single shared gratitude. I am grateful for such influential friends in my life, and for new ways to help change myself, others and their daily perspective for good, one car ride at a time.


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