Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's been a while since I have sat through an animation, but it is good to keep up with what is going on. "Frozen" opened with a neat short film that began as if it were a playback of an older black and white, "small screen" Animation of Micky Mouse and Minnie being chased by someone....someone Minnie and Mickey obviously ticked off.

But the cool part was as the chase ensued, the characters broke out of the screen and ran in a circle between the front row in the theater in color and the black and white screen in the original film. You have to see it understand it, but I won't spoil it too much.

In the main feature, "Frozen" is loosely based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen known as "The Snow Queen". It takes place in the area called Arendelle where there lived a king and his family, consisting of his wife and two daughters. One of the daughters has the power to freeze things with her hands.

One night, while fooling around, Elsa (the sister with the powers) accidentally kills Anna (her younger sister). Elsa runs to the parents and together they run out to this community of trolls in hopes of saving Anna's life. They save her life, but the head troll warns the family to keep Elsa's powers hidden. And on top of that, they erase any memory for Anna of her knowledge of Elsa's powers.

For years they keep the secret and live a life of seclusion in the kingdom, but in the meantime, the parents go and die on a ship. So the two girls are raised by the remaining monarchy, but when they finally hit a certain age, they decide to make their lives public.

Anna is a bubble about to burst to meet other people, while Elsa just realizes how dangerous she is, and really wants to stay away.

They have a big "coming out" party for the girls (Elsa's Coronation) and while Anna is off flirting with guys (she gets engaged already to someone she just met, not surprised, this is how couples do it at BYU), Elsa is trying to hide her powers. The Duke of Weselton is secretly wanting to take over Arendelle, waiting to find a flaw with the royal sisters.

Elsa accidentally shows her true self by freezing things all around her, and then runs away. In anger, she freezes everything in sight to the point where winter has begun in Arendelle and the townsfolk are not prepared. This gives the Duke of Weselton the chance to make his move.

Anna tries to find Elsa, so she asks her new husband-to-be, Prince Hans, to watch over the kingdom while she goes on her frozen journey. Meanwhile, Elsa has made herself a frozen castle, high in the mountains. Anna enlists the help of a wanderer named Kristoff and his trusty reindeer Oaken to find her sister. On their way, they run into a live snowman named Olaf, who was created by Elsa. He offers to help lead them to Elsa so they can talk some sense into her.

This film has a grand image to it, wonderful animation and an incredible soundtrack. Since it is part musical, it has wonderful songs by the cast. The comedy between the reindeer and the snowman is very effective. The story is a little complicated, which isn't a bad thing, but it falls flat toward the last 4th of the film. Two things happen in the story that just made it a cheap ending. The 150 million-dollar budget couldn't even save the story at the end.

SPOILER ALERT, if you don't want to know the ending.

First, it was a WAY too quick reveal that the boyfriend, Prince Hans, ended up being a bad guy. All of a sudden...he was bad. I mean, it HAD to happen because Kristoff was so cute 'n all. But I wasn't sure how it was coming.

Second, Disney seemed to revert back to the proverbial "love conquers all" theme to solve the freezing problem and wrap up the film. I'm sorry, but I would hate to have been in that Disney boardroom meeting when finalizing the script and someone in the back says "how about love conquering the problem". I would have fired that writer on the spot in font of everyone else to show that love does NOT conquer all, even in a bad script.

Overall, take the kids to see Frozen. Rated PG for a few scary moments.



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