Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I have a touch screen tablet that I use for a lot of things including cooking.  I normally don't get spills on my tablet, but I get plenty of finger prints on the screen while trying out new recipes.:-)  When I'm done cooking I always know where to find my Spudz fabric square, which is conveniently attached to my key ring.
-Noelle Newitt SuperMom in training

Right from the start I already liked them due to the cute, chevron design. It’s so modern and fresh. I don’t mind having it dangle from my keychain or purse because it’s an adorable print. Sweat, oil, residue, you name it was covered with a nice film on my glasses. Gross I know. So I began rubbing one lense for a few seconds. Next, I put them up against the light to compare with the dirty one. Sure enough it was crystal clear. It was pretty cool how you didn’t need an additional cleanser to get that type of shine! Being a busy mom of two, this is so convenient to just pull down the wipe from the little bag and give them a quick rub. Wish I had this sooner!
                                                                      -Georgette Ramirez Mom of 2

I am enjoying the sweet convenience of my travel sized  micro fiber cleaner from SPUDZ.  I used it chain. frequently on my iPhone screen, my iPad and recently I  used it  to wipe finger prints from my sunglasses. 
I love that it has it's own pouch which is connected to the cloth. You can just "put it away" when your done. This way, it never gets dropped, taken or misplaced.  I have mine on a keychain, I love the good selection of colors and patterns.  It's also washable.  I washed mine in a garment bag in the washer, this is a nice convienent feature.  The SPUDZ is a great handy tool for all moms to have with touch pad electronics.
-Stephanie Goodman Mom of 3 and 2 bonus sons

This is a product for anyone who uses a camera, a phone, laptop; Pretty much anyone with a smudged screen. I love the fact that I can attach it to my keychain and just pull it out to clean up my son's finger prints on the Tablet or on my phone without having to use an extra chemical spray. With Christmas just around the corner, These Spudz pouches make the cutest little Gifts, with so many designs and colors to choose from. The other feature I also love about this product is that it comes in different sizes and its washable. 
-Dennissa Ramirez Mom of 5

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