Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Can you believe Halloween is here? And with only a couple of days left to come up with costumes or go buy some last minute candy, I have put together a list of things that will keep your Trick or Treating Fun and Safe along the way.

1.  If you allow your children to go Trick or Treating on their own, make sure you create a route map.
2.  Remind them to only trick or Treat at homes that have the light on.
3.  Never enter a person's home or car, when trick or treating unless your being supervised by an adult.
4.  Try to limit Trick or Treating times to 5:00-8:30 p.m. 
5. When choosing a costume, try to choose costumes that will allowed your children to trick or treat    
without falling, because they are too long. Try to avoid masks which often obstruct a child's vision.
6.   If your children are trick or treating after dark, make sure they carry with them a flashlight.
7.   Instruct them to not eat any of the candy till they get home. Once the candy is home make sure to
      inspect it in a well lit light and toss away any candy that the wrapper seems to have been played  
8.   Have fun, join in the fun and dress up!!!

by: Dennissa Ramirez (SuperMom of 5)


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