Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hi! Brenda here again from From Me, With Love. So are we all settled into school schedules? I am still getting the hang of it. Now that I have a little more time and a schedule I decided to organize and clean out the closets. Let's call it Fall Cleaning! 'Cause we all need more cleaning, right?! Kidding...

World's tiniest shared closet. It looks like it is about to snap. Yikes. Good thing I got rid of stuff.
So, we didn't do this "fall cleaning" last year and when it came time for Back-to-School Shopping we bought clothes we already had and didn't buy what we needed because we thought we had it already. So, even though some back to school sales are over, you can still get some great deals and donate to those that may not have been able to go Back-to-School shopping.
Where do I start?!? This is the hardest part, starting!
But once you get into it, it is so easy and so fun to purge!

1.Beginning: Grab 3-6 trash bags and label them: Donate, Trash, Sell (optional), Alter/Refashion (optional), Too Small- Hand-Me Downs for kids (optional), Out of Season (store)

2. To keep or trash?  If you are like me, I like to keep my clothes because a lot of times they come back in style! But, I have to get over that and donate/trash the clothing that;
      a. Does not fit. (I have been meaning to get back to pre-marriage weight but that isn't gonna happen! Be happy with yourself!)
      b. I do not "love" or even like (including gifts- I have to keep telling myself that not keeping the item does not mean I don't like the person!)
      c.  Damaged (I know it is your favorite sweater of all time ever but let it go! I promise you will find something....eventually!)
3. Now that you have stuffed your bags (fully I hope!) you now have a closet that you love.

 It may seem a little bare but that's ok! You only have things that you LOVE and that FIT!
I know for my kids I got a lot of hand me downs that weren't necessarily my style. I was still grateful and dressed my kids in them.  But now that I do have a small budget for their clothes, I can buy them some of my favorite styles.  They may not have a lot of clothes to choose from, but at least they are my favorites.
Also, I like to think that the clothes I get rid of might suit others when they are in need. It may not be my style but it could be theirs!  Another perk: not as much laundry! Woot woot!

Bags full of donations and trash. Never felt so good to purge!
My boys' shared closet. Not much clothing but some of my fave outfits are in there!

Ok, now go and purge! I'd love to see any before and afters!

Since I try to be as purposeful as I can, I try to refashion stuff I am getting rid of to make that wearable again. Here are some of my refashions: color blocked baby shoes, patterned pants (it is in Spanish but you get the picture), glitter shoes and more to come!

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