Monday, August 12, 2013

when you're a child the world is in your hands,
you dream beautiful dreams that you wish would never dissapear,
beautiful wishes that you imagine someday to come true.
as a child I had the freedom to dream and imagine I was anyone I wanted to be
anyone I wanted to be someday...

my wish is that my children get the joy of having the same joy that I did...
of knowing that they can dream endless dreams...
of knowing that someday too their dreams can come true...
as I watch my children do the things they love the most it gives me great joy to know
that they are so passionate about what they love...

as I see him day by day picking up his skateboard, to try to better himself.
to know that my child has found something that he loves and adores so much,
something that he is so passionate about. It truly makes me the most happiest mom alive.
to know that he wants to share his improvements with me,
to share those dreams that he is dreaming of with me makes me complete.

Written by: Ani Allen SuperMom of 2
PR and Social Media Community Manager at Super Mom Tested
Blogger at A Little Dream


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