Monday, August 5, 2013

I Just have to share....the other night, I just happen to glance over my events of the upcoming day.  Needless to say it was a triple-booked eventful kind of day.  Feeling overwhelmed and under pressure, I verbally expressed my concerns of accomplishing all I needed to do and be successful with my time.....when my HERO appeared, tall and strong with hair blowing in the wind; and said in his deep, powerful voice, "I'll take care of what ever you need me to!"  My heart beat strong as I exhaled in pure admiration and relief...."My HERO!"

You see, being a SuperMom has it's limits and we have all been there.  Even though my HERO can't do everything for me, his acceptance of my not being absolutely perfect and having my own personal Kryptonite's in life: helps give me more power to endure, and eventually conquer what ever stands in my way.
He believes in me and loves for my flaws, and I feel invincible.  Because of him believing in me, I know I can become who he see me to be.  I Married SuperMan, because I am SuperMom!

Motivational Monday by: Stephanie Goodman Supermom of 5