Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hi there! I’m Georgette and I blog over at Pink Calaveras. I’m here today to share a little project I recently tackled. Every year around spring time I always have an itch to organize and clean much neglected areas in my home. I live in a 92 year old house and we all know homes were built a bit smaller back then. For the character and charm I love about my house I had to give up on some space. My daughters share a room which challenges things even more! So I decided to expand their room by converting their closet into additional space. 

This is a before pic I took when we were first viewing the home just to give you an idea of what I had to work with. It’s a pretty deep closet which made it possible to fit a small table from Ikea. 
First I began by removing the closet door and installing a curtain rod with sheer curtain for privacy. Then lined the back wall with vintage contact paper that I scored for .50! 
Then I hung up a peg and corkboard to store supplies and photos. My daughter is into the whole Rainbow Loom frenzy so I stored her bands in small jars to keep things a bit tidy. Those bands can get out of control! 
Clear file holders on the wall hold coloring books and finished work. I tried to use as much vertical storage as possible to keep her desk clutter free. 
Dollar store plastic, locker bins above hold extra supplies and keepsakes. 
Almost everything pictured was thrifted, purchased at dollar stores, or Ikea. If you’re wondering about their clothes they have a large dresser and storage drawers under their bed. Their room feels so much less chaotic now that everything has a place for their crafts. I hope I’ve inspired you to organize a room or space in your home and to see that it can be as simple as removing a closet to door! Thank you for reading!


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