Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello, friends! Brenda here again from From Me, With Love. Even though it is winter I have still managed to need to shave my legs- haha! TMI? Perhaps but we all know it's true. We seem to lose a little bit of interest in maintaining our legs silky smooth when it is snowy and cold out. Because that is the case in the winter time, I also don't have any shaving cream handy. Truth be told, I hate buying it because it just seems like extra stuff I don't need. So, I have been using this amazing alternate....conditioner! It works just like shaving cream and I feel like my legs don't get nearly as dry. I just apply just like I would regualr shaving cream. The other plus side is that I already have it and usually have lots of it since I just use a teeny tiny amount on my hair. I love being able to use one product for several uses. What are some of your favorite products that have dual uses?


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