Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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A few months back I had the honor to meet fellow bloggers at an event in Chicago called BlogHer’13. We also had the chance to connect with companies and their products. One in company in particular whose concept caught my eye was PercyVites. The founder and President Julie Steiner shares her inspirational story here

So what makes this company so unique?  

The concept of being able to intertwine the child's names and other personalized facts into a video staring your child!  The ones receiving the video will enjoy seeing familiar places and even places too. 

I recommend this program to any mother, grandmother or aunt who wants the opportunity to make a birthday, family event or celebration extra magical. I remember as a young girl watching Mr. Roger’s and desperately wishing he would talk to me say my name. How cool would it be so see your name in a cartoon?
I enjoyed using the program to send out "Thank You" emails to all who attended my son’s 11th Birthday party. It was a very memorable gift to all who came. I found the site easy to follow, which is a big plus when you’re trying something new.
PercyVites has a fun and colorful website atmosphere. With easy step-by-step instructions that give you the opportunity to check out anything they have before making your final choice on cartoon characters or invitation types. Plus it let’s you know what number of step your on and how many more to go. So take the chance to check out this newest innovative and creative way t make a day extra special with PercyVites today!
By: Stephanie Goodman SuperMom of 3 & 2 bonus sons.

I was given the opportunity to try PercyVites as “Thank You” notes after my son’s birthday. I was kind of apprehensive at first as to what it would be, but the more I looked over the site I could see that it was very user friendly, and easy to navigate.
There are different themes to choose from and different things to send. I had already invited people to the party, so the invitation format I didn't need.  I used their "Thank You" templates. It was easy to download the picture off my computer and drop it in the area provided. And I was so happy to see a place for a general message for all as well as a place to personalize each thank you note that was sent. 

A perfect way to be specific about the gift that child brought. It was really easy and very affordable.I'm sure there will be more characters and themes, as PercyVites becomes a program that people will use more often.Thank you for giving me the chance to use  PercyVites.

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