Monday, November 9, 2015

As the new year rolls in, I am taking the moment to reflect on all that happen in 2013, within the walls of my own home, my surroundings, friendships, opportunities for growth and professional advancements. I am so thankful for all that 2013 brought.

But as you know, being a SuperMom does not make you perfect, in fact being a SuperMom requires a lot of personal motivation and most importantly understanding that a SuperMom is not equivalent to being a perfect human being, and thank goodness for that!

You see, most times I will find my house upside down after just cleaning it!
Dishes pile up way too soon.  Laundry times 7 keeps the washer and dryer running constantly everyday.
I find myself screaming a little more then what I would like.  I try to be aware of what I feed my children, but sometimes am I missing things from their nutrition chart.
And let's face it, sometimes the day has been so busy between after school activities and personal agendas, then dinner time rolls around and you find yourself not knowing what's on the menu.

Then there are those times were I wish you had reacted better to unforeseen situations
in efforts to make a better example to my precious children. Such as using lady like words.
Or those times where you have guest show up at your home and you are still in your PJ's.
Their are times where you find yourself helping your child till 1 in the morning finish their state report.

We are not perfect, there is no one walking on this earth that is. With this said, remember that being a SuperMom is much more then having the perfect most cleanest house or the cutest looking blog or even the Pinterest inspired birthday parties. Even then there is a story behind it all, maybe all we see is  a glamorous life we wish we had or the perfect home or the cutest blog. But we need to remember that we are all MOM's at the end of the day.

We are all in the same boat we get stress and frustrated sometimes even at ourselves. We need to remember to lift each other up and to keep going even when our days don't feel so Super, even when we don't feel like the SuperMom we are meant to be.  Which is the one that lifts her children up and is trying to better herself day after day and understands her potential as a mother and the biggest influencer in her children's life.

So you see even with my Insecurities and Imperfections, I am still proud to say I am a SuperMom!!

by: Denny Ramirez


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