Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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It's that time of the season where we crave to be cozy and warm. 

 Which means bringing out the extra warm socks, the winter coats and my favorite the winter boots!  A favorite brand of cozy warm boots has to be Uggs!  I love the way they feel, the soft sheepskin insulates my feet just right against the cold chill of winter and are so cozy.   The boots are not too heavy or not too think, just right.  I wear them all over the house, and with house duties comes spills.  So, this weeks #TipsyTuesdays just happens to be how to care for your Uggs.

 In the pictures you will see the grease stain on the toe, and then step by step how to car for them using Baby powder and a clean cloth.
Step 1.  Place the Uggs on a plastic grocery bag
Step 2.  Spinkle the Uggs with Baby powder. Then tap off excess power into the garbage.
Step 3.  Using a clean (I love microfiber) wash cloth, rub in circular motions till grease disappears.
Step 4.  Repeat if needed and enjoy your renewed like new cozy Uggs.

Check out the variety of colors and styles here. 

(side Note: Uggs are not made for snow and ice or heavy walking)
 I also suggest you buy the Ugg water and stain repellant. Apply one coat and let dry and apply a second coat and dry over night.  

#tipsyTuesdays~Care for your Uggs 
Tip shared By: Amy A.  SuperMom of 2


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