Monday, December 2, 2013

I want to Live as an example of someone who has  conquered my adversities.  
Who never gave up even when the times were hard. 
Who said, "I deserve better than this and I will find a way!"

When my 10 year marriage ended and I was a newly single mom, I remember having to figure a lot of things out. 
It was hard to be facing life as a single mom with three small children. Not knowing what was going to happen in the future.  Would I get a job since I had been a stay at home mom for 7 years?  Would I be able to provide a home for my children?  Would anyone even be interested in marring a woman with 3 young children? Would ever fall in love again?  I felt alone and frightened.  Had I messed things up for my children?  Did I make a wrong choice? 
I could understand in a way how women could go into a deep dark depression and even consider committing suicide. I found a level of compassion I had not experienced before and for this I am grateful for the experience.

 A failed relationship is such a heavyweight to carry. It is emotionally and physically draining.  It makes your insight on things muddled.  I was scared....I was needing advise and some direction. 

 It was it this lowest point that I saw a billboard with a quote that changed my life.
The sign read.... "Experiences in Life will make a man Better or Bitter" (and then I added) it's a choice
These  words, on that day, gave me the strength to carry through.  It gave me the path with a direction and the vision that I desired!
 I instantly recognized that I had a choice to make! 
This quote gave  me strength and I use it now as a model for myself and to help others in times of darkness and dismay. 

I remember in Elementary school, there was a book series where you chose your own adventure.  And depending on your choices it would direct you to pages that would take to a path of death or victory. 
That of course was fantasy, yet how true it is for our daily lives.
 Do you choose to be better or bitter? How will your choices affect others around you ?  
One tiny letter makes all the difference weather our experiences in life will direct us to joy or dismay. It's your path.  Do you choose to be better or bitter?

 The choice to be Bitter brings sadness, depression and self pity.  It feeds the desire for revenge.   It blinds  us and makes us unable to care for those who do truly love us. (Like our families)

The choice to be "Better" means 
Health, enjoyment, accepting love, appreciating the daily gifts that are all around us.  Looking for and focusing on gratitude. Recognizing the gifts of love that surround us daily! (like our families) 

Things may not be the way that we idealistically saw them but there are opportunities all around us, constantly giving us direction and giving us blessings and love.
Allowing opportunities to come our way means having clear eyes to see them.  
 And can I just say the "Better" way is Sooo much more fun!  I get to smile, I get to laugh, I get to dance!  I enjoy being with people ! I love who I am!

Why choose the hard road it doesn't have to be that way?
Give your life the gift of self acceptance, encouragement love appreciation.

I know I am not experiencing your life challenges, I know I only have my personal stories to share, but I know without a doubt...we all have a choice no matter what you situation.  And every choice has a consequence of Bitter or Better. 

I know that my life has been immensely blessed because of that day when I chose the "Better" path .  I attracted my best friend, my eternal companion and favorite man in the world.  We have been enjoying marriage life now for 7 years.  Our family still faces challenges, but my trick to success is..I know everything happens for a reason and I have a choice. 

What will you choose?


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