Monday, December 30, 2013

When you look at your life, where does most of your happiness and fulfillment come from?
Relationships (period)
Whether it be the relationship with you spouse, your kids, your friends or your associates, the quality of those relationships will determine much of your success and happiness.
When there is tension, stress and discord in those relationships, what happens in the other areas of your life, including your ability to make money? yup… not pretty.
So, Here’s 3 keys I’ve discovered to nurturing RICH Relationships:
1) START WITH YOURSELF. The Quality of all your relationships with others will be based on your relationship with yourself. You can’t give water from an empty well, nor can love come from an empty heart. So Nurture Your Relationship with Yourself. Make Yourself a Priority. Find things you love to do, and reward yourself often.
Action step: What can I do today just for me that would be fun and inspiring?
2) Be a Builder… GIVE MASSIVE VALUE. Building the relationship means to Make Relationship Deposits Frequently: Think of your relationships like a bank account, where every kind word, thoughtful action, meaningful gift, and act of service is deposited. It’s okay to take a withdrawal sometimes and to ask for something-that’s an important part of building the relationship to, but always seek to give more than you receive.
Action step: Pick one person in your life you want to build a richer relationship with and surprise them with a small gift, note or act of kindness, and just let them know you appreciate them.
3) The 100/0 PRINCIPLE: Commit 100% to YOUR PART of the relationship and act without expectation of return. Don’t make your efforts contingent on how others show up.
Gerald Rogers
“You have one life to live, Live BIG.”

Gerald Rogers is a transformational leader and breakthrough business coach who is committed to helping individuals awaken to their DIVINE AUTHENTIC POWER, discover their unique SOUL PURPOSE, and learn to get PAID for doing what they LOVE.


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