Monday, December 9, 2013

Last week I had a potential client say "No" when I offered a product of mine, I had someone write nasty comments on one of my blog posts, I had 6 people "un-friend" me on FB, I had someone tell me they thought I was going to hell, and I had a girl I had wanted to go on a date with blatantly REJECT ME... and it was AWESOME !!! 
For most of my life I was paralyzed by my fear of rejection. 
It would show up as I grew up super shy, awkward and self-conscious. It showed up in my work when I was afraid to offer my products to people because I worried they would say no. It showed up in relationships with me wearing a mask and being afraid to fully express myself. It showed up with me being nervous to talk to new people... Who knows how much money, relationships or opportunities I missed out on because of this fear. 
Now, I love rejection... Why? Because it's like the people who don't belong in my life "self-filter" themselves out making space in my life for the people that DO BELONG... 
Think about it... For every one that says no to what I have to offer, there is someone who loves and needs it that will say yes. I only want to work with people who really want to work with me, so I'm thankful when those who don't say no. For everyone that doesn't like me, there is someone else who does. For every one that "un-friends" me there is someone else that wants to be my friend. 
When a girl says no, that means there is space in my life to invest into a relationship that will bring me the connection and experiences I want. So I send a silent blessing to them and say thank you for honoring me by not taking up space in my life. 
My time and energy are so valuable, and I only want to invest it in those who are ready to receive it. I choose to only surround myself with amazing people who want to create an amazing life with me. 
My opinion of myself isn't based on their opinion of me. I know who I am. I am clear on what I want and all the right people and opportunities are attracted into my life effortlessly, and all those who are not at the same frequency naturally fade away. 
This is why I think rejection is so beautiful. It's a natural and perfect experience in the flow of life... Just like our body releases waste, rejection eliminates from our life the unnecessary allowing something better to enter. And I am always ready to receive something better.. Here's the BEAUTIFUL THING about REJECTION....
by: Gerald Rogers 

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  1. Thank You for taking the time to visit our Page, we also really enjoy reading Gerald's Post! More to come

  2. Just wanted to say how much I loved this. Will definitely try to remember it when I'm nervous about putting myself out there in the future!