Monday, November 18, 2013

Ever since I can remember, I  have been a dreamer!!!

I remember telling my father at just the short age of 6, how one day I was going to be build the biggest hospital in the world and take care of patients for free.  I even sketched the hospital up for him. One time when I was in 5th grade, I had the crazy dream to run for vice-president. I had to present my self through a translator because I didn't even speak English. Or the many endless hours my younger sister and I would spend dreaming we were news anchors. As I got a little older, I dreamed of traveling the world and becoming a secret agent. Then my dreams only got bigger, I went on to building businesses on paper, Sketching logos and dreaming of a better future.

Even after I had my second daughter, I remember dreaming and sharing my dreams with others. Some would say. "Once you have children you need to stop thinking about your dreams, and focus your full attention on your children", "Stop Dreaming, you are not cut out for that any longer, you are a mother now".

Dreaming had always been instilled in my heart, my father always listened to my dreams, He always said "Dream but also take Action", He took the time to give me the wings to fly, but also reminded me that,"dreaming and wanting something was only the start to anything, taking action and showing determination and perseverance was the key to Success".

There was never a limit to my dreams. It was because of my father's faith in me that i had the attitude to always go the extra mile, I didn't really care about fitting in or being different. I always found my self with that kind of drive and determination in all I ever wanted to accomplish.

But why couldn't all this negative people see that? Why did they want to tell me that i had no right over the choices in my life, once I had made the choice to start my own family. I always imagine my life as the best mother i could be to my children, nourishing them, creating memories with them, loving, teaching and encouraging them. But i never have once question, my personal growth. With time and many years of pondering I came to understand, that their suggestions were not at all meant with a bad will, but instead I learned that not everyone understands their potential or ways to bring balance in their life, the same way, I did.

I have come to understand that in order to carry out my dreams, and be a mother to five children, I need to learn to set my priorities straight. First and for most I am a Mother and would not change this for anything in the world, Second I am a person who understands her role and potential as a women and wants to have personal growth in many areas, including education, career opportunities, spiritual and with time reach milestones. When it comes down to it, its all about Balancing your life. Some Dreams might have to be put on hold and sometimes you are going to have to say no. But at the end with preparation and knowing how to prioritize and balance your life, you my friend even a mother of 5, a women in your 50's, or a young lady in high school can and will carry out your Dreams, because we were born to Dream, but also take Action in order to become all we are meant to be.

I no longer listen to those voices, I don't second guess my dreams or turn away from them. I Tackled my dreams, and live them with passion. I find joy in sharing my accomplishments with my children and those who most give me support. In fact I find even greater joy in also letting my children understand their potential and worth, letting them know that Dreams are the things that drive us and tell them that they need to listen to their heart and to never let anyones opinion or voice tell them they Cant, as long as they are doing something for betterment of self or those around them.

I encourage you to make a plan for any Dream you might have tossed to the side or put away, I encourage you to let your children Dream and to talk to them about their dreams, At the end of the day you are the only one that can write your Life Story.

By: Dennissa Ramirez (Mother of 5)


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