Friday, November 22, 2013

There is much to be said about this sequel to Hunger Games. Another reviewer called it "The Empire Strikes Back to Star Wars", meaning it's one of those rare moments where the sequel is better then the original.

The film starts at the end of the last one (which I personally like when a film does that) and the two winners of the 74th annual Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta (played well by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson) are now on a tour to visit all the districts who lost their contestants to offer "sympathy" and "hope". It truly sets up the ugly society they live in.

President Snow (played geniously by Donald Southerland) is now on a mission to take down Katniss through means other then just killing her. With whispers of a revolution through the grapevine, Snow utilizes the talents of the game-maker (played by Philip Seymour-Hoffman) to change the rules to see to it she is exterminated. This leads to the president ushering in the 75th games with a rule of only bringing in previous winners, thus Katniss has to perform again.

Story-wise, that's as far as I will go, since there are so many twists and turns in this film, that is part of what makes this film a delight.

I am still working out the concepts of the society. I am surprised that the president doesn't just exterminate Katniss in plain sight, there is so much this corrupt government gets away with. It's amazing this society still hides or masks the terrible things it has done since it's take-over 75 years prior.

Also, there were a few moments during the games that seemed a little contrived or convenient. The contestants were chased by a killer, poisonous mist through the forest that was simply fixed by washing the poison out with water. Small concern.

The triumphant moment for this review came when the theater crowd I was in, responded to the evil President with the same boo and hiss (and cheer when he was down) as if he was Darth Vader himself.

 Between the story and Sutherland's performance, you really learn to hate this bad guy. His evil was built up well.

Over all, this film needs to be seen, but watch the first one beforehand. There is a little language and scifi-type violence. And yes, Jennifer looked hot. (That's OK, Stephanie had Thor last week). I vote for Jennifer Lawrence as the new Wonder Woman.



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