Monday, November 4, 2013

I started my morning like most start their morning, getting ready in the bathroom.
When I walked in I found a little black beetle who was at the bottom of my bathtub struggling to get off his back.
My first thought was grab it in a tissue and throw it in the toilet. (Eww)
But then for entertainment I chose to flip it back on to its feet. Just to see what it would do.
Instantly it was back on it 's feet. 
 It stayed not moving at all, I imagined myself in that situation of not knowing what exactly  just happened.
 It stayed motionless for a few seconds... probably in shock that it was struggling on its back and now it wasn't.  Something came out of nowhere and unexpectedly helped it to start back on its journey.
 Being that it's journey was at the bottom of the tub,  it started moving forward to get to a point where the slope was too slippery.  Climbing up then slipping back down.   I remember thinking how amazing this teeny tiny creature has no purpose but to climb and now it's at the bottom of a tub.  (let's call it a "her" to illustrate a point) She was facing what seemed to be an impossible challenge of climbing a slippery slope.
 I watched her trying her hardest to climb even a few centimeters only just to slip back to the starting point again (how self disappointed she must be feeling).  
Well,  I figured this little bug was not going to accomplish anything but fatigue. 

After I finished my shower, to my surprise, I found the beetle had not only over come the slippery slope challenge but had climbed up the top of the tub and was now heading straight up vertically to the window.  As it neared a wash cloth on the wall I thought, why don't you climb onto the cloth, it will be less work and maybe even give you a break.  But the little beetle surpassed it.
  I was impressed as I imagined myself in a situation like that where I had a goal that seemed impossible to on lookers, sure there was an easier way out, but I was fixed on the road ahead to reaching my goal.  
I became fascinated with this SuperBug's determination of reaching her goal.  with persistance a clear goal she progressed and surpassed my expectations.  I later helped her to climb onto the toy dinosaur back and took her outside to venture with her super skills out there.  She will probably never know my admiration for her this morning as I watched her conquer seemingly impossible trials.

So my point is this, you and I are each giving amazing gifts and talents.  Maybe even some that we take for granted.  When we are focused on a goal with determination we can accomplish incredible obstacles.  No matter how big or how small we may be in someone else's eyes.  And even if on lookers don't believe in us, we can still achieve it,  our determination will make it happen!

Article by Stephanie Goodman SuperMom of 3 and 2 bonus sons.


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