Friday, October 4, 2013

When I was young my view of grandmas in general, meant gray hair, sweet smiles and house dresses.
Now that I have the title, my view is different!  Gray is reversible (thank you Loreal)  Wrinkles are real and smiling helps keep them up!
I have yet to Google "house dress" but as soon as I have arrived at this season of my life, perhaps it will be a gift from one of my grandchildren.

How did I get here?  

My darling husband and I chose to be wed.
We chose to be parents and entered into what I refer to as the "Morton Salt' years. Rain boots on, Umbrella open to block the storms of life and our fuzzy little chicks huddled behind us.  As parents with fuzzy chicks- when you move to the right, they follow.
Frequently we look back and see feathers filling in as we marched forward in life. Budgets, layoffs, sorrows, joys, challenges-mingled with potty training, laundry, menu planning, food rotation and homework seemed to be a season with no 'end' in sight.

Until one day one of our fuzzy little chicks showed us how she could fly-she had wings and all those behind her were just as eager to grow their last flight feathers.  We were thrilled, excited and amazed that we were already parents of a young woman-with three young men right behind.  Now when we moved to the right, they asked questions before they made their choice.
One by one, each adult took flight.

We no longer needed the umbrella nor the rain coat.  We passed it to our children who by their choice chose to marry and raise fuzzy little chicks who now stand behind their parents who are protecting them from the storms of life.

Now my darling husband and I enjoy the sunshine of our children and grandchildren who are like harvesting fruit from tress we never planted.  They are sweeter than sweet.

We see the seasons of life that we have lived. Spring-young love, love nests, fuzzy chicks and long rain storms.  
Summer-children's lives packed with plans, vacations, schedules, trying to fit it all in and then suddenly its over.
Fall fills the air- you look as Spring and Summer as if it was just one season-where did it go?  You see that the cool air chills you more than the Summers breeze and the leaves of change are in the air.  But you've never experienced it first hand so you observe those ahead and look lovingly on the season you are familiar with.

That is parenting-enjoyit-fill it-take time for it-embrace it-relish it.  Love the of a newborn, the giggles on an infant, the business of toddlers, the questions of a 2 year old, the stories of a 3 year old.  Cherish each precious child for they are the future-your future.  Teenager years are fantastic-you will learn patience-you'll learn Love that you thought you already had and find it's not enough.  And so you ad more and your love will grow.  Your Love for your spouse will grow in your heart and you will wonder how it will ever fit.  

Love the stage that you are in.  Don't wish to be done with the season, it will happen too soon. 

Parenting 101 By: Julie Owens 
SuperMom of & SuperGrandma of 


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