Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This is a sponsored post written by SuperMomTested on behalf of KoolSpoons

What is a KoolSpoon?  It is more than just the name.  It is a product that will quite possibly replace the ice dropped into your children’s hot bowls of soup. And save the lightheaded moms from passing out on the table because of continued blowing to cool down the anxiously awaited first bite of steamy soup. I simply placed a KoolSpoon in my freezer for a few minute giving the “magic Gel” a chance to set.  And place the spoon in the soup and the bite is instantly cooled. I liked that the handle is sturdy and not frozen nor cold on my fingers.   My kids complain of watered down soups far too much.  I feel this is a great invention for busy moms.  It saves time with out having to cool every ones soup and the thicker handle is great from smaller hands to hold.                                                                    Stephanie Goodman (Mom of 3 and 2 bonus sons)                                         

I remember as I little girl never wanting to eat my Dad's famous soups, soups to me as a little active girl seem like a never ending task, which i had to accomplish, before being allowed to get up from the table. The Horror of having to blow each spoon just drove me crazy. So my excitement was pure upon receiving the KoolSpoon in my hands, I knew that just like me as I little girl, My little Anita also struggle with having to blow spoon after spoon, to cool down my own Delicious Soups. To my 5 year old Girl that KoolSpoon, was not only appealing because of its fun color and texture, but it amazed her to see that with each scoop her soup was automatically cooled down. 
Ani Allen (Mom of 2 very active Children)

Soup isn’t something that kids are ever very enthusiastic to eat and tonight was no exception. Except that we had Koolspoon and everyone wanted to try it out! I love how quickly it cools down your food without getting it too cold. I especially love that I don’t have to add ice to the kids’ food anymore, which always makes it watery and bland. But the best part is that I don’t have to blow four bowls of soup, one for each kid. Instead I get to eat my own soup pipping hot like I love it while they cool their own soup down. Anything to make my kids more independent, the better. It is an ingenious product for sure! Thank you for making it dishwasher safe, too! That makes it a perfect product for a busy mom. 
 Wendy Santiano (Mom of 5) 

These past two weeks I had the pleasure of reviewing a product called the Kool Spoon. As the mom of two very busy and impatient boys I thought this product might help me and my family. They LOVE noodle soup, canned ravioli’s and cup of soup. As much as they love to eat it they equally HATE to wait for the food to cool off. The first time we used the KoolSpoon was for an after school snack of noodle soup. The KoolSpoon had been in the freezer overnight. We set the KoolSpoon into the bowl and stirred it around. After about a minute we tasted the food. It was still pretty hot but had definitely cooled down. We tried eating the food with the KoolSpoon and that worked to cool the food off really well also. The other thing I really liked was that getting to use the KoolSpoon made my kids eat more slowly since they were “playing” with it.  It worked really well and I would recommend this product to my family and friends. 
Andrea Briggs (Mom of 2)

After putting ice cubes in soups to pacify ravenous children and watering down the soup so much that it left them unsatisfied, the KoolSpoon really piqued my interest. It is made of a hard plastic that is filled with gel inside the bowl of the spoon. You put it in the freezer and use it to cool down your soup or other hot foods or drinks. The handle doesn’t freeze so it doesn’t hurt your fingers. Soup weather is fast approaching and I tested the KoolSpoon out myself to make sure it was okay for my kids to use afterwards. It froze in about 25 minutes and it worked just fine. I counted 3-5 seconds and that seemed to cool it down sufficiently. I really loved the KoolSpoon! I didn’t have to wait very long to eat my soup and it was the perfect temperature and tasted great! I didn’t have to wait very long to eat my soup and it was the perfect temperature and tasted great! 
Brenda Bird (Mom of 3)

With 5 Kids the last thing I have in my hands is time, Time seems to fly so fast that it truly makes all the difference in the world to let my 3 year old feed himself without having to sit next to him and blow on the soup, time after time. The KoolSpoon makes it easier for my little men to feed himself and live up to his claim that he is no longer a baby, but a big boy! The Temperature of the soup gets cool down upon being scooped up by the KoolSpoon. The nice thing, is that even tough it cools down the soup, the handle of the spoon will not freeze your little ones hands. The KoolSpoon also came in handy, when I was eating my cereal and milk, it kept the milk nice and cool. To me the price of $8.00 per spoon is well worth the value it brings into my home. I recommend this product to any mother wanting to add a little more time to her schedule, even wanting to sit side by side next to her family and enjoy a meal at the same time as everyone else.
Dennissa Ramirez (Mom of 5)

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