Thursday, August 15, 2013

Here at SuperMomTested Headquarters, we look for ways of empowering moms and feel we are blessed to meet so many amazing women on a daily basis. We also believe that in order for us to feel empower we also have much to learn from amazing mothers out there. That is why starting this week we are going start Spotlighting SuperMoms we know and that through their examples, and accomplishments in life they motivated us and empower us to live our dreams and try to be better. 

To kick off our SuperMomSpotlights we have chosen a Super talented and amazing mother of 5. Wendy Breitzman Santiano, I knew there was something amazing about this women the first time I met her, As we sat in her Kitchen waiting for the home baked apple pie to come out of the oven, I was so impress with her patience and caring of her 4 children. She cater to each one with so much care, when a cup being filled with Soda was overflowing, I watched her as she just let her youngest daughter experience the overflow in excitement.  

We talked much that afternoon about food, health, about the real definition of beauty, about being married to a Cinematographer, her passion for photography, about the last 2 weeks of her 5th pregnancy. I remember walking out of her home, wanting to be a little more like Wendy, she inspire much more patience in my heart. 

Wendy Likes to describe herself as flawed and beautiful. and let me tell you she is so beautiful, but her beauty is much more then her outer appearance, she is one of those persons that shines from the inside. She also loves to help others see themselves for who they really are through her writing and photography. Wendy currently lives in Kaysville, UT.
To Learn more about Wendy Breitzman Santiano, you can visit her at