Friday, August 30, 2013

Our home is filled with ADHD, but I don’t necessarily believe ADHD is a chemical imbalance that just came out of nowhere (personal opinion).  I feel with the advent of technology, we are not only accomplishing good things, but there are also side effects to all this information.  And ADHD is something that has grown with the pending technology (again, personal opinion).

I still remember when we had three TV stations. (Now, I’m sounding like grandpa).  I remember getting up at 6:00am, watching the short film playing the National Anthem (since it was color bars all night long), then the first show of the day was Felix the Cat!  There was no 24hr television.  

Then, there was the explosion of cable TV in the early 80's, followed by the expansion to hundreds of channels in the 90's.  Then, the Internet in the late 90’s.  Now, everything is in the palm of our hands.

So what's next?


We have at least taken one step in our home and that is the disconnecting of the cable television.  This was a move that was not a problem at all.  That box did nothing but mesmerize our minds.  

How many times have you entered a room where family members (adults included) are watching TV and they give that "half interested" look when you're trying to say something to them.  "That's nice, honey" is one line that comes to mind.  Or my favorite is, when reminding one of your kids it's their turn to do the dishes... "Uh huh, right after this episode". (Ironically, that episode ends right at bedtime.)


Obviously, it is time to disconnect so you can reconnect.   Turn off the TV and have a discussion. Play games or read together.  Play games that get people talking. One of our favorite games is "Rummikub".  The others are "Apples to Apples" and "Mad Gab".  Play games that strike up conversations.

Dinner!  I hear dinner as a family is happening less and less.  Dinner is the one meal that, I feel, is strongly made for families to gather, to talk about the day, to go over what is coming next.

There is nothing wrong with renting a movie ordownloading one off of Netflix, as long as there is a clear on and off time.  Talk about the movie with your family.  Be selective about what you watch.


The other issues are those darn hand-held devices.  There are tons of moments where at family events I can see a row of kids are on their hand-held devices.  The kids suck on those devices like flies on poop.  (Sigh.)  I guess I'm just as guilty of this sin.  But I can vow to do better.  

My father used to complain about the devices during our famous games of Rummikub.  After a family member would take his or her turn, they would then go right back to their device.  “You kids and your devices” he would say…He was (and still is) right.

There's a time for the hand-held devices, but there has to be a time to you can reconnect.  

 Kels Goodman  ~SuperDad of 2 and 3 bonus kids


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