Thursday, June 27, 2013

 Here at SuperMomTested it is our goal to try and test products and let you know our results. One of the biggest challenges I currently have in my home is HARD WATER STAINS!  I see many products for removing hard water stains.  But I'm a visionary woman and I need to SEE it work. I asked our community of SuperMom's (That means you wonderful people) for solutions that are recommended.
After letting my shower doors "grow" a thick layer of hard water, for almost 5 months. It was time to try these different solutions, so I sectioned off five different spaces with painters tape on my glass doors, then I tried the different solutions and compare them. The different shots you see in the video are the actual results of the products we tried and tested Here are the 5 solutions that were suggested we try.
  • Limeaway
  • The Works Bathroom Cleaner
  • Scrubbing Bubbles
  • CLR Kitchen and Bath
  • Vinegar and Dawn Soap  
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Update: Since trying the vinegar and Dawn soap, I was told to let the solution sit on the surface for at least a good 20 minutes. It will attach better to the scum and also make it so much easier to wipe down.

by- Stephanie Goodman SuperMom of 3


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