Monday, June 17, 2013

To be a SuperMom does not always mean that we will have our houses in Perfect order, or make the ideal dream dinners, matter of fact it doesn't even entitled that we will know how to do the heart shape braids on our daughter's hair, have the most polite children in the block or even the latest car in the driveway, it doesn't even mean that we will have a successful running blog and a Pinterest account with thousands of followers.
In the humblest of homes and situations you will find the SuperMom
the one trying to balance family Life and goals she is set for herself.
The one trying to put together a meal for her family, even if she is not a top chef
The one telling her children they can do and be anything in the world.
The one who keeps getting up day after day
knowing that the most important role she will ever have in her life is to be a
an influencer, a friend, a hero, a hairstylist, a psychologist and meal provider, cleaner
a nurse, a driver,  a housekeeper, gardener, a builder, and at times referee.  A motivator, challenger, accountant, lullaby singer, comedian, healer and dancer, to name a few.
Super Mom is any mother
who understands the limitless potential she holds and the tremendous influence she has over those who call her Mother.
  But it also means the one that understands that its ok to dream and to actually carry out those dreams and live day by day loving life, because she understands and its comfortable with her potential and growth.
by: Dennissa Ramirez
SuperMom to 5 adorable, active, creative children under the age of 11


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