Friday, December 6, 2013

-You can wipe a bum with one baby wipe by folding it a million times over.
-You don’t let your husband change diapers because he uses 8 wipes to do the same job that your one wipe just did.
-You only put makeup on when you know you’ll be leaving the house that day.
-You go hours before realizing you’ve had to go to the bathroom all that time.
-Drive-Thru’s are your friend.
-You have hundreds of Pinterest craft and food pins that you will never actually use.
-You’re surprised when someone doesn’t compliment your baby-That happened 1 time to us. It was our waitress at Outback Steakhouse. Yes, Tony and I have never forgotten.
-You are absolutely exhausted but somehow you have the energy to do more.
-Your Instagram only has pics of your kid.
-You refer to yourself in the third person as “momma”.
-When your baby is constipated, you pray for relief. Once that happens, you wish they would stop because diapers don’t grow on trees.
-You no longer carry a purse-You carry a diaper bag.
-You get to re-live Disney movies all over again.
-You think you can cut your kid’s hair yourself.
-You discover you can’t cut their hair. You will never cut it again.
-Teething is the reason for everything.
-You do one of 2 things during nap time-You either accomplish everything, or absolutely nothing-Thanks to the internet, I usually accomplish nothing
-You clean up the same mess every day.
-You feel for the lady with a screaming kid in the dressing room at the store.
-You no longer try on clothes in the dressing room-You buy, try on at home, then return what doesn’t fit later.
-Your topics of conversation are kinda lame-I once made fun of my mom for talking about avocados with friends. Now I could have a lengthy enjoyable conversation about how to choose the best avocado. Try me!
-Anything near you and your screaming child that is not dangerous becomes their new toy.
-You pray. About everything.
-Every time you think you hear your kid scream while in the shower, you turn the water off, stick your head out and listen for a minute but 90% of the time, it’s all in your head.
-You go all morning without brushing your teeth and don’t realize until you left the house-I’m guilty of this way more than I want to admit.
-You grab a pack of gum and your child has already taken a bite out of each stick then stuck them back in. And it doesn’t even surprise you-My niece likes to do this
-You’ve washed the same load of laundry for 3 days because you keep forgetting to put it in the dryer.
-None of these things matter more than the happiness of your kid.
-Your love for your children grows every single day.
-You think the world of your child. And they think the world of you.
Being a mom is HARD! But SO worth it! It is so easy to get stressed out by the little things-You have to be able to laugh about them! Can you think of any? I’ll add it to my list with a link back to you!

by:Tearsa Jacox Roberts


  1. Ok, the brushing teeth and laundry thing are SO me! Having kids makes you so forgetful!

  2. It Really does!!! I know people don't believe me but the more kids the more i forget things.