Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's December wich means it's that time of the year when SNOW flakes cover the ground.  Snow is a beautiful, it looks like a beautiful fleet blanket all over the ground.  It's gentile and sometimes romantic. Until you have to drive around in it.  Then the beautiful snow becomes a nuisance;  And even a hazard.
Last week we had a pretty good snow storm and I felt pretty confident in my sturdy Yukon to drive around running my daily errands.  Leaving my office to go home I found my self stuck in the gutter.  The tires were spinning in place with no movement forward or back.  I had kids in the car, I had cars behind me and if I didn't get out on the road quick enough I would be the cause of an accident.
I was racking my brain to think of anything to get me out of the gutter of sleet and snow.  When I car pulled up and gave me a solution.  He placed his jackets on the ground underneath my tires to give them some friction to grab on to.  It worked like a charm.  Immediately my son said "Mom!  now you have a TipsyTuesday!"

So dear friends...todays TipsyTuesday is brought to you by the kindness of strangers and solution to being stuck in the snow.

My suggestion is choose a set of your lest favorite towels or visit your local good will store and keep them in the trunk of your vehicle for emergency situations.

I appreciated the strangers kindness in my hour of need and I intend to pay it forward.
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  1. I hope to never get in this situation, but I'm throwing some towels in the trunk just in case!