Monday, July 15, 2013

Supermom Motivation
By Stephanie Goodman
Supermom of 3 and 2 bonus sons

Mirror Mirror on the wall

It is hard for us, especially women to state what we like about ourselves. Let alone, love about ourselves, even our physical state? Is this because it is such an unnatural movement, one that we feel most uncomfortable with, could it be because of the way we were raised or is it the natural part of what we are made of?

Why is it easier to kindly compliment a stranger then to speak kind word to ourselves? Why is that?   Where did we learn that compliments are not OK? I heard it once said “we are kinder to a stranger than we are to a close friend. We are kinder to our friends than we are to our family members. And we are kinder to our family then we are to ourselves”.

How true is this?

I know I would never glance at anyone and bluntly say oh look at you, you look awful today.  Your hair didn't go right, you have a crooked nose and you could certainly loose a few pounds.  You look like a fat lard!
(Yet we say this in the mirror with out a second thought)
I find that when I look in the mirror, I spend more time looking for imperfections, then things to compliment myself.

But when we are around our friends or even strangers, why is it so easy to give compliments?
Cute outfit!  
You look amazing today!
Your eyes are beautiful!
I love your smile! Good job today!  
I noticed you look nice.  
You are so sweet.
It's OK; don't worry about how you look.
The important thing is your heart in the right place
I love you just the way you are and so on…

So why is it that when we are given a compliment, we have a hard time accepting it. Wouldn't our days be so much brighter if we learned to connect and love ourselves?  After all, we have been together for a very long time.

So my challenge to you, is pay special care to hear and recognize what mean negative words you are using on yourself.  And increase the level of kind loving complaints instead. I guarantee your life will be better; your children will act different and learn from your example.

Leave us your experience of positive words, verses negative ones in your life


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